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Hire us to inspect your home in Cary & Raleigh, NC or surrounding areas

If you're buying a newly built home or selling an older house, you should hire a home inspector who will be upfront about your property's condition. VIP Home Inspections Services only hires certified home inspectors with years of experience. We'll do right by you.

We offer full, builder's warranty, new construction and pre-listing home inspections to residents of Cary, NC and surrounding areas. Here's what we'll examine as part of your...

  • Full home inspection: Crawlspace and attic | Structural components | Exterior and interior | Electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems | Attached garage | Built-in kitchen appliances
  • Five-point home inspection: Foundation | Attic | HVAC system | Main and sub electrical panels | Water heater
  • Mechanical and interior condo inspection: Interior | HVAC system
  • Newly built home's pre-drywall inspection: Crawlspace and attic | Structural components | Exterior and interior | Attached garage | Electrical and plumbing systems


We also do well water testing in the Cary & Raleigh, NC area, and we subcontract termite inspections to a trusted pest company.

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Why should you schedule these home inspection services?

Specialty home inspections can uncover serious issues, like termite damage or dangerous lead levels in your drinking water. Here's why you should schedule...

Well water testing: You deserve to know if your water has unsafe levels of lead, bacteria or nitrate.
We'll send samples to a local lab for analysis so you can get the results right away.

A termite inspection: Termites can cause catastrophic structural damage. Once you know if you're dealing with termite damage or an active infestation, you can act quickly.

A five-point inspection: Wouldn't it be nice to have a list of home repairs you should tackle before you put your home on the market? We'll give you a detailed report so you'll know where to start.

Got questions about these types of home inspections? Contact VIP Home Inspections Services today to speak with one of our knowledgeable home inspectors.